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Fertilization Proper fertilization is key to a lush, dark green, weed free lawn. The benefits of a lush green lawn are increased curb appeal, increased property value, and a safe place for children to play on. Lush lawns not only help with aesthetics, they also produce oxygen, and filter pollutants from rain water.

Here in the Piedmont there are challenges to maintaining a beautiful lawn, from the acidic clay soil, to the hot summer days. Our staff is continually trained on how to spot problems when they are small, prevent them from turning into large problems.

We partner with you to make your lawn beautiful. What that means is, we are not at your house daily. If you see something in between our scheduled appointments, please call or email us so we can take corrective action.

We use only the best products on the market. We apply our products according to the manufactures guidelines, unlike the large national brands that spray mostly water. You can actually see the results with our applications.

Our Tall Fescue program consists of 7 applications

  • Early spring: 1st round of pre-emergent with fertilizer. This prevents crabgrass and jump starts the grass from winter dormancy.

  • Late spring: 2nd round of pre-emergent with fertilizer. This continues the prevention of weeds, and continues feeding the turf

  • Summer: This applications contains large amounts of organic material along with iron to keep it green, it continues to develop the root system

  • Late summer: This is our lime application, which helps keep the PH correct

  • Early fall: This is typically a starter fertilizer, which coincides with aeration and over seeding

  • Late fall: This application continues the grow of the grass and get it ready for the cooler temps that are coming

  • Winter: This application help to hold the green through the winter, it continues the root grow.

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