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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Every homeowner desires a lush, green, manicured property. However, few achieve this dream by maintaining their property themselves or by hiring a cut rate lawn care company. The truth is maintaining your property properly involves more than simply keeping the grass short. Maintaining your property to maximize its full potential is time consuming and best left up to the experts at Greenway Lawn Management who work hard to bring out the best in all of the lawns that we maintain every day.

Full Lawn Care Service

Of course, our desire is to provide you with full service lawn care so your lawn will look its absolute best. However, we customize all of our lawn care programs to meet your needs and budget.

The lawn maintenance services we provide are:


Lawn maintenance is more than just cutting the grass to keep it short. At Greenway Lawn Management our professional grade mowers are always set to proper height for your lawn. Our professional crew cuts Fescue lawns at 3 ½ to 4 inches in height and warm season grasses such as Bermuda and Zoysia lawns at a shorter height of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. Our blades are kept sharp for a clean cut. We mow once a week during the growing season. The average growing season in North Carolina is 42 weeks. However, our crews are on each property every week removing sticks, leaves, fallen branches and other debris from the lawn, keeping lawns looking their best even out of growing season.


We use sharpened steel blade edgers to give a nice clean edge next to all concrete surfaces such as walkways and driveways. We use a string trimmer to edge between mulch or pine needles and grass to give flower beds and clean edge.


We use professional grade blowers to blow off all grass clippings from walkways and driveways. We also blow off porches and decks each week leaving your clean and free from debris.

Weed Control

To keep your property looking its best it is so important to eliminate weeds from the flower beds. Each week we look for weeds that pop up in all of the flower beds and get rid of them! We spray out the small weeds and pull the larger weeds leaving your beds beautifully weed-free every week!

Bush Trimming/Pruning

Proper trimming of plants and shrubs keeps growth in check and is beneficial to the plant. It is so important to trim bushes at the appropriate time. Trimming at the wrong time can cut off buds and prevent plants from blooming. Since all plants grow at different rates and times this job is best left up to the professionals at Greenway lawn Management. We get to know your property and your plants and since we are there every week we will make sure that each of your plants and shrubs are trimmed at the proper time and at the proper length for maximum benefit.

Aeration & Overseed


Annual aeration is necessary for the health and longevity of your lawn. The aerating process consists of removing soil plugs that are 1/2 in. wide x 2-4 in. long throughout the lawn. Doing this relieves soil compaction allowing air and nutrients to get deep into the root zone. Aerating also helps remove the build up of decomposed grass clippings, also known as thatch. Aeration is done in the fall for Fescue lawns and the spring for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns.


Overseeding is recommended once a year for Fescue lawns. It is should be done in the fall when days are warm and nights are cool for best growing results. It is typically done in conjunction with aeration. This will bring a lush green lawn in the spring. Overseeding for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns is not necessary.

Annual Flower Installation

Annual flowers add color and help make a grand entrance to your property! There are two types of annuals, spring/summer and fall/winter. It is important to install annuals early in the growing season so they get established well before the extreme heat or cold temperatures arrive. It is also important to fertilize annual color to get the maximum benefit. We can help guide you on which annuals are best for your property and our team of professionals install them in the proper place. We will also fertilize them upon request.

Pine Needles/Mulch Installation

Adding mulch or pine needles to your beds is important because it helps keep the moisture in the ground for the plants in the beds. It also helps stop erosion and gives your home a fresh well-manicured look.

Pine Needles

We install only fresh long leaf pine needles. The installation is professional and neat with crisp neatly rolled edges. Pine needles fade and get spread thin over time so we recommend installing pine needles one to two times per year to keep your property looking fresh and beautiful.


Mulch comes in many different colors from natural undyed to black, red, brown and even recycled tire mulch. Mulch does fade and spread thin over time so we recommend installing new mulch at least once a year for best results.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Once your custom lawn maintenance program is finalized our crew will be at your property each week to maintain your property. Our monthly e-newsletters will keep you informed of the services we will be doing each month. All services are divided up into one easy monthly payment plan. All payments can easily be made by credit card or check and all of your account information can be viewed online through a secure website. At Greenway Lawn Management we make maintaining a beautiful lawn easy!

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